Happy Futurism

Sat Apr 17 2021

A common complaint of the star-trek abundance future—the "AI takes everyones jobs" future—is that it would leave humanity unhappy. Depression and anxiety would rise, humans wouldn't know what to do with themselves!

But mental illness is not safe from the progress-powering scientific method. With the right knowledge and sympathy, problems are solvable.

Awhile ago, Hacker News user burlesona mentioned that:

In 2001 A Space Odyssey, the character flies on a Pan-Am spaceship to the moon, and then goes into a phone booth to make a phone call.

In other words, our view of the future often includes anachronistic problems that seem "already solved" or "unsolvable" to today's eye. Mental illness, in a future driven by problem-solving, is a phone booth in space.

It's out of place.

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