How to reach Evan Conrad

Tue Jan 10 2023

Hi! I'm very excited to be your friend!

The best way to reach me is to email evan at roomservice dot dev, or DM @evanjconrad on twitter. Most of the time I'm relatively contactable, but I have limited time. Here's some tips to increasing the chances we become friends.

Please be clear about your context and intentions. In the last few years I've poked my nose in a lot of different things, and so your background typically isn't enough for me to understand what you want.

Here's some common intentions:

  • "I'm an investor and want to talk to you about whatever your company is doing"
  • "I'm an investor and want to talk to you about AI Grant for deal-flow-y purposes"
  • "I'm a founder raising a round looking for investor intros"
  • "I'm a journalist trying to get a take on XYZ subject"
  • "I'm a student looking for jobs"
  • "I'm in SF and looking for friends / parties"

And here are some common contexts people reach out to me about:

Please just ask for what you want! The universe rewards people who are clear and direct.

In most cases, prefer San Francisco. I dislike Zoom calls, if you're in the bay area, I'd prefer to meet in person, unless the context demands a Zoom call.

Make your suggestion match your intention. If you give the impression that you want to hang out, let's go on a walk around the city, not an unexpected pitch call with your GP.